Sometimes we look for something that seems unreachable.

We live in a the era of screens, we look at all these fragments of a story layered by different media by new shape, but the story reminds the same one as ever. We want to reach an other, and we can only meet a fragment of a person.

This photo is part of my work about this: fragmentation of identity and how we receive it.

I first used a studio polaroid made for ID portrait, 4 shots in an instant Polaroid. I used it to do 4 parts of a body: head , hands, feet, the person in a context. This was like a little story, a way to catch the identity of a person by taking fragments from her. Then I worked on a video installation, by using 4 cctv monitor made for vidéosurveillance. I plugged 4 live camera feeds and frame 4 parts of a person with it. To capture the result I shot it with a Pentax lent by photographer Maitec. As it’s film 120 I expected to frame a square to fit the 4 monitor but this beautiful Pentax Asahi shot 6x7.

So I see the backstage on my frame, my model laying in the background separated by the camera cables and the monitor. That “mistake” brings more power to the shot. Sometime you look for something which is separated only by a mental frontier.

His Photograph

Digital scan of a photograph recorded on Ilford HP5+ by Jonathan Pierredon ant its inversion

© 2018 Jonathan Pierredon. All rights reserved. Model: Louise A. Depaume.

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