Our Offer

ThePhotographers.org is a home to anyone that embraces our endeavor. We are built on a code of honor and furnished by contributors. Our pages will be dedicated to the people that believe in the movement. Our walls will act as shelter to an idea and an archive of evidence.

Each contributor will be published both on our website and our annual magazine. Publication on our website includes a short biography about the photographer and a link to his or her website. ThePhotographers.org is aware that acknowledgement online has the potential to be here today and gone tomorrow, which is why we also insist on publishing an annual magazine. In the physical manifestation of our website we are aiming to monumentalize our members.

Overtime, we expect our pages to grow and our memberships to expand, however, we will never see a day where ThePhotographers.org becomes diluted. The home we have chosen to build stands on integrity and without it there would be no home.


1. We Publish the Scan of One of Your Photographs


Digital scan of a photograph recorded with Fuji Neopan 1600 and developed in Kodak XTOL in 2008. © 2008 Luigi Cassinelli. All rights reserved.

2. We Publish Your Story

3. You Contribute to a New Manifesto on Photography

4. You Have a 50% Discount on Certificates Issued by Materia et Lumen

5. You Are Invited to Exhibit Your Work in Our Gallery in Arles, France